Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wed - Lots of Rip Current Related Stories

Well over 30 people were rescued from Rip Currents on Lake Michigan shores Wednesday, August 3, 2011.

Keep your loved ones within arms reach.

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Chicago Father & Son
A father and son from Chicago were swept by the rip current in Holland.  50-year-old Joseph Murphy and 15-year-old Aiden Murphy, received lacerations and abrasions from being beat up against the rocks during the incident.

13 Year Old Girl
Scottville girl is in critical condition at a hospital after a man rescued her from lake currents that had pulled her underwater Wednesday afternoon.  The girl got caught by the lake current, which pulled her from the swim area and under the water.

Why Swimmers Don't stand a chace against rips
When a normal rip current breaks through a sand bar, swimmers are advised to "break the grip of the rip" by swimming with out of the current and then safely to shore rather than fighting it. That would almost have proved futile yesterday at the piers. It's not like a true rip current which forms in gaps of sand bars. On rough days, you flat out don't want to swim near piers.

Decent video
Covering rip currents, how their caused and how to escape them (although swimming parallel to shore in the lakes may have you swim into another rip depending on the conditions).

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